West Bengal Board of Secondary Education conducts madhyamik examination. In this year WBBSE conducted the Madhyamik 2019 in 1150 centers across the state. The exam started on 6th June with the Bengali and ends on 9th February with the last exam of Life Science. Now it’s a long time wait for Madhyamik Result 2019.

Check Madhyamik Result 2018

Madhyamik Result 2019

Though Board of Secondary Education which is known as Madhyamik Siksha Parshad has not sound anything about the WBBSE result 2019 date and has not mentioned anything on their website, we are assuming that the result of Madhyamik 2019 will be announced within two months of exam. If we look at the tradition of WBBSE, then we can easily predict the date of result announcement of Madhyamik of this year also. This is not a tough nut to crack.

Madhyamik 2019 Result

If you have appeared for Madhyamik this year, then it’s general that you have been in a tension for your Madhyamik result but as of now there is not statement gotten from the Madhyamik board.

Check Madhyamik Result of 2019

If you are looking for result then know one thing that Madhyamik 2019 result can be checked in three different ways-

  1. Madhyamik Result 2019 by Roll No
  2. You can also check Madhyamik 2019 Result by name of Institution or school
  3. Otherwise you can check your Madhyamik result of this year by student’s or candidate name

Madhyamik exam of WBBSE is not well known as Madhyamik Pariksha. You can check your result of Madhyamik 2019 here online. We will publish the date of result announcement and here you will get the result just by putting your roll number.

Checking Madhyamik result has made easy here. You don’t have to roam on web in search of Madhyamik Result 2019. Just come here and keep checking when the result will be announced and then bookmark our site. On the date, you will get the most awaited Madhyamik result 2019.

Madhyamik Result 2019 & Expected Statistics of the Result

Did you know a deadly statistic that passing percentage in Madhyamik exam has been going down year by year for last three years? We don’t know the exact why but anyone can easily see that Madhyamik Results of last couple of years are showing a downstream in pass percentage. Change in question pattern can be a strong reason but a single reason is not enough to connect the all dots of down ratio of pass. What is going to be happened in this year? Candidates are thinking about the three points- i) Pass percentage ii) Average Marks iii) Cut offs in renowned schools. Third point is applicable for the candidates who will try to get admission in another school after Madhyamik Result 2019.

Madhyamik Result 2019 & Expected Statistics

Madhyamik Result date has been announced and it is knocking at our door. Anything can be happened. The Result of Madhyamik 2019 is going to be announced on 28th May. We can’t say anything with firm belief right now but from our unclassified sources we have been informed that pass percentage will be at 80-82%, Pass percentage of female candidates is higher than the male. But if unexpectedly your Result of Madhyamik comes with poor marks in subjects which you attempted well, you must go for re check the papers and scrutinizes. Read this detailed article on:

Pass Percentage Male Candidates Female Candidates
80-82% 78-80% 82-84%

We will be updating the news related to upcoming Madhyamik result that is also known as 10th school Final result and everything that happened before announcing the result and all guidance after getting the result.

Stick to our page and bookmark it for all news and check your Madhyamik result 2019 without any hassle.

Check WB Madhyamik Result 2019 Here Online

Check Madhyamik Results 2018

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West Bengal Madhyamik Result 2019 declared. Check your Madhyamik Resulthere, just by putting your roll no of the WBBSE Madhyamik exam. Click on the link provided below to get your result of Madhyamik 2019 without much effort. Sometimes due to heavy traffic in the official website, the actual website where result declares goes unavailable. If the same thing happens with you, wait for a while and open the link again after minimum five minutes. Here we have accumulated all the details and steps related to “How to Check Madhyamik Result 2019 online” and “How to Check Madhyamik Results 2019 by SMS”. But remember if you wanna check your Madhyamik result through SMS, it may show you only the status of Pass or Fail and percentage that you have achieved in Madhyamik Result 2019. The safe and most traditional way to check theMadhyamik Results is through Online; sometimes candidates go to the cyber Café to check their Madhyamik results. But do you know that you can check your Madhyamik Result status using the smartphone on your hand simply. How? It’s very simple and time efficient. As smartphone needs less java scripts to show the result page of the official page, you can easily get into the website in almost no time.  Here, we have described the ways to check your Madhyamik Result 2019.

WB Madhyamik Result 2019 Declared, Check Your Result here online

Before three days, on 19th WBBSE (West Bengal Board of Secondary Education) declared that they would announce and declare the Madhyamik Result 2019 on 22th May. We did not expect the announcement this time as West Bengal Madhyamik Results generally declared in the last week of May or in the fisrt Week of June. But this year, it seems that Board decided to declare the WB Madhyamik Result sooner than the previous years to match the all India level standard.

Madhyamik Exam 2019 was conducted in the last week of February without any break, one by one except the Sunday in between. After almost two and half months WB Board of Secondary education that is the conducting authority of Madhyamik exams 2019 is going to declare the Madhyamik Results 2019. This is an exceptional job done by the Madhyamik Board as they have managed to get all the processes done within the time frame despite of unavailability of sufficient examiners and scrutinizers. Due to the several municipality elections in West Bengal maximum teachers were engaged in the election duty. That’s why Madhyamik Board, WBBSE experienced a short fall of examiners this year. But they were confident about that they could announce the Madhyamik Result 2019 within the time frame set.

Check your Madhyamik Result 2019 Online By Name & Roll No

Many students get confused when they open the web browser to check theirMadhyamik Results. Same thing is going to happen this year also, yes; we can bet that almost all students will face difficulties while checking Madhyamik Result 2019. That’s why we are here to give the support so that you can get your Madhyamik Results online effortlessly.

How To Check Madhyamik Result 2019 online By Direct Link, Step By Step Guide

Check Madhyamik Result 2018 through SMS

Follow these simple steps to check your Madhyamik Result 2019. Remember one thing- don’t hurry when you are about to check your Madhyamik Results online. Don’t worry, just blindly follow these steps.

First Step to Madhyamik Results 2019:  Open the Brower and type http://wbresults.nic.in/ and enter. If it opens check for the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, Madhyamik Result 2019. If it does not open, then click here- Go to the Official Government Page and check the tab for getting “Check WB Madhyamik Result 2019”. And then click on that.

Second and Last Step to Check Madhyamik Result: Put your phone number and Name there in the boxes and enter “Get Result” button. Wait if the page is gone for loading.

Click Here to Get Madhyamik Result:

Check your Madhyamik Result 2019 by SMS, Through SMS, Via SMS

You are already aware of the fact that Madhyamik Results 2019 can be checked by SMs. But you may not get the full Madhyamik result with marks in every subject. Though SMS, you can get the status of your Madhyamik Result, whether you have passed or not. It’s obvious that you are looking for individual marks not the status. But this year checking Madhyamik Result 2019 via SMS may provide you the percentage of Madhyamik Result.

Write SMS for getting Your Madhyamik Results 2019 through SMS

Write SMS like that- WB10<Space>Roll No. Send the SMS to 56263. A sample is here for your assistance in writing the SMS- “WB10 1234567”. Be careful when you are typing your Roll No and all. After sending the SMS, you will be charged 3 Rupees and a SMS will be appeared in your mobile with the status and details of your Madhyamik Pariksha Result 2019.

We have given all the processes to get your Madhyamik Results– Online and through SMS effortlessly. Check your Result and Good Luck for All the Madhyamik Candidates who appeared for the exams this year (2019).

How to Check WBBSE Madhyamik Result 2019 by Name

Checking Madhyamik Result is not a big thing, but sometimes the same thing catches us in trouble. After being frustrated while checking Madhyamik Result 2019 candidates go on checking this site and that site one after another. The simple process of checking the Madyamik 2019 Result is to check by the name. We are describing the whole process of checking the WBBSE result 2019 here.

How to Check WBBSE Madhyamik Result 2019 by Name  

Check Madhyamik Results 2018 Online

Checking Madhyamik Result by name is easy and very interesting though. Any student can check their result by name easily just by following these simple steps mentioned below.

First Step: At first you have to enter the web address of the official website in the url of your browser. Hit enter and wait till the site gets open. The official web address is – http://wbresults.nic.in/

Second Step: Go to the website and check the options there. Now it is not available in the website. When the result of Madhyamik 2019 will announce, all the options will go live and accessible in the website.

Third Step: Check the options there. You will see an option named “Check your Madhyamik Result 2019” or “Check Your WBBSE Madhyamik Result”. Click on that option.

Fourth Step: Click on the “Get Result by Name”. Enter your name there and hit ok.

Checking Madhyamik Result has not been so easy. What you need is to follow the steps one by one. You will get your result of Madhyamik 2019 easily without any hectic effort.

Madhyamik Result 2019 Date of Result Announcement

Madhyamik Result 2019 is going to be announced on 06th June. It is informed by a solid source that WBBSE which is the conducting authority of Madhyamik Exam 2019 is planning to announce the Madhyamik Results on 06th June. Though there is official signal or press release on it. They are likely to announce the date of result publishing in a press meet that may happen in the first week of June.

Madhyamik Result 2019 | Result Publishing Date

West Board of secondary Education has already finished paper checking phase and is rolling the whole process towards announcing the Madhyamik Result as soon as possible.

But as all of you know that several municipality elections are going on including the election of Kolkata Municipality Corporation. These things are making the whole result publishing process slower. Not only the Madhyamik result but also the Higher Secondary (HS) result is also hanging for the same reason.

But officially WBBSE did not make any sound regarding the Madhyamik Results 2019. But we are sure that the date- 06th June is not going to be changed under any condition. WBBSE is waiting for the confirmation nod from the state government. If they get it, they will arrange the press meet and declare the date of Madhyamik Result 2019 announcement.



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